2018 in Review

Over at Core SWX, we had another wonderful year. We know we couldn’t have done it without our incredible customers, partners and ambassadors, and we’d like to thank all of you before we look back into what highlighted our year.

We had multiple new and innovative power solutions released this year, but a few that especially highlighted our year were the Powerbase Edge, EVO, and the expansion of our VoltBridge technology with a revamped app and VoltBridge enabled Fleet chargers.

The Powerbase Edge, announced prior to NAB 2018, is the most unique power solution for a DSLR or small form cine setup, allowing extended runtimes for hundreds of different cameras (Blackmagic Pocket 4K, Sony a7 series, Panasonic GH series, to name a few) as well as the option to power additional accessories such a monitor or light through the two powertaps and the two USBs. In addition, the 49wh battery pack has two mounting options, the 1/4-20 screw mount or standard v-mount, and a runtime LCD providing you battery expectancy down to the minute.


The second product that hit it off in 2018 is the battery backup and power distribution block, EVO. The built-in 49wh lithium-ion battery pack capable of handling up to a 15A draw provides more than enough time to keep your camera running for a battery swap. In addition to the backup function, the EVO has a “boost” or battery assist function should your on-board pack be unable to handle the startup current necessary.  To easily monitor remaining battery percentage of your on-board pack, the backup battery status, and the current load your camera system is consuming, there is a backlit LCD screen.


Lastly, the release of our new and improved VoltBridge app, along with the integration of our VoltBridge technology into our advanced Fleet chargers.  Having the Bluetooth based technology in the chargers makes it easier than ever to manage your battery fleet right from an iOS or Android device. The functions of the charger capable to control from the app include viewing all your smart battery data from cycle count to temperature, putting your packs into SafeFly mode (discharging or charge to 30%), test mode (determines battery health and recharge performance), and of course charge mode.


To showcase all of these new products, we attended many tradeshows throughout the year where we saw many old friends as well as made many new ones. Starting with NAB in Las Vegas is always a blast and it spirals from there. Shortly after, we headed to Dallas for Texas Production Roundup, LA and Atlanta for each Cine Gear Expo, and to round out our shows in the States was NAB NY. We also had fun attending shows in the UK/EU region at MPS Show in London, IBC Show in Amsterdam, and Cinec in Germany. Speaking of UK/EU, we were also thrilled to announce in 2018 our new partnership with the UK distributor, Holdan. They now assist in making the Core SWX product line more accessible in the UK and European markets.


Just like 2017, we had the pleasure of attending many events such as all of the ones during the tradeshows, the SOC Awards, and the ASC Awards. In addition, we were an annual sponsor of PERG where we enjoyed all of their events as well.

We look forward to having another great year and would like thank everyone again who keeps supporting and inspiring us to keep Providing the Power to CreateTM.

Author: swxadmin

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