Core SWX warranty coverage is as follows:

Powerbase 70 and Edge: 1 Year Warranty

Nano-M and Nano Slim Batteries: 1 Year Warranty

Nano Micro Batteries: 2 Year Warranty

HyperCore and Hypercore NEO Batteries: 2 Year Warranty

Helix and Helix Max Batteries: 2 Year Warranty

Maverick: 3 Year Warranty

Renegade and Renegade XL: 2 Year Warranty

Quad and Dual Chargers: 3 year Warranty

PB70C15 and PB70C15US: 1 Year Warranty

Electronic Regulation Cables(XP) and Accessories: 1 Year Warranty

Non-regulation cables(PT): Lifetime Warranty

TorchLED Bolt: 1 Year Warranty

NP Batteries: 1 Year Warranty

XP batteries: 1.5 Year Warranty; 1 Year on RED Products

Hypercore Slim 7 & 8: 1 Year Warranty

At present we have no intention of offering Apex in other mount types besides V-mount. 90% of the install base in lighting is V-mount. This is a lighting solution. The bottomline is up until now you didn’t have a viable on-board lighting power solution, so now that you do, to have a dedicated system which works well is the goal.

You have two options, use/purchase a G-mount to V-mount adapter, or you can convert your ballast with our Direct Connect Plates.

We foresee new lighting solutions requiring HV because it’s more efficient, after all HV requires have the current, which means more efficient, cooler(less heat) usage. So HV has it’s advantages long-term by “future-proofing” your battery fleet, however Apex LV is perfectly suitable for many lights.

Regarding the plates, it’s a one-time, less then 10 minute modification which requires minimal skill. All you need to do is unscrew the mount plates, clip the wires with a scissor, and then snap our direct connect plate on. After you screw our plate back on, you wont need to change it ever again because the direct connect plates still support all LV battery packs.

Yes, the direct connect plates will work just like your OEM V-mount plates, including working with our Apex LV versions.

How old is your light? If you’ve owned the light more than one year most likely the warranty has expired anyway. BUT, as long as you match the colors of the wire(red to red, black to black) we don’t see how it should but best to discuss with the lighting manufacturer.

Apex LV will power any 14v devices and Apex HV is compatible with Helix compatible devices and mount plates. It will work fine but it’s not designed for those applications so you won’t have p-taps accessible, no battery data, etc.

Core SWX requires a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for all items in need of repair or being returned. To receive an RMA number, complete our online RMA form (easiest method), call us at 1-888-283-9995 or e-mail support@coreswx.com. If the product is deemed faulty within 5 days of receipt, Core SWX will issue a call tag so the product may be sent in at no cost to the purchaser.

Core SWX offers lifetime support on our entire product line. We are happy to assess your product issue and discuss available solutions.

The 3-Stud offerings will also charge on Anton/Bauer Lithium Ion chargers firmware V3.6 and up. V-mount offerings will also charge on IDX, SONY and RED chargers.

The boost function turns on if it determines the on-board battery starts to faulter. Lets say your on-board battery pack can support a maximum draw of 10A. When you initially startup your camera setup(with monitor, wireless FF, etc.), your initial draw goes up to 12A, the EVO would “boost” and offer an additional 2A of current to support the draw. Effectively, the EVO and the on-board would function up to 25A (10A battery, 15A EVO).

Yes, the EVO passes through the onboard battery data to RED DSMC2 cameras.

The EVO detects that their is an on-board battery connected, and as long as the on-board battery pack can support the load, the battery backup function is in a dormant state. During this dormant state, the EVO will sample a little bit of current from the on-board battery pack to recharge the EVO backup battery pack should it need recharge.

The EVO charges from battery packs, not standard chargers. Once you connect a new battery pack to the EVO to power your camera, it will also charge the EVO back up for the next time your battery dies, or you can charge it without being connected to a device as well by simple attaching a battery.

The EVO displays the draw of every part of the system being powered by the on-board battery pack, by calculating the current leaving the on-board pack through the main power terminal on the battery pack. This includes all aspects you mention. The only possibility of it not calculating all equipment in use is if you directly connect a device to the power tap or USB on the on-board battery pack.

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Parts may be purchased through Core SWX directly at MSRP.

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