2019 Recap

We can’t believe another year flew by. They do say time flies when you’re having fun and when are busy, which sums up our past year.  Before looking back to what highlighted our year, we’d like to thank our incredible customers, partners and ambassadors because we know we couldn’t have done it without you all!

Now, onto the highlights! In 2019 alone, we’ve introduced many innovative power solutions such as our unique Helix battery system, next generation NEO line of battery packs, Fleet Quantum charger, and specific camera accessories like the FX9 plates and the NANO Canon BP-A style battery.

At NAB 2019, we announced the Helix battery system which answered the need for high voltage power solutions, while also being able to integrate the packs seamlessly into one’s current battery fleet because they can operate as a standard voltage battery pack as well.  Standard voltage equipment like RED DSMC2, Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, a monitor, or even CHARGERS, meaning you don’t need to invest in a new charger to have a high voltage battery. To access the high voltage function of the pack, you simply have to couple it with the appropriate mount plate whether you’re operating an ARRI camera, Sony Venice camera, or a large panel light.  The Helix battery line is offered in v-mount and gold mount, in four different capacities:  Helix 9 Mini (98wh), Helix 150 Mini (147wh), Helix Prime (2-part 190wh), and Helix XL (293wh).

Fast forward to IBC 2019 where we introduced NEO. First came the NEO 9 Mini which took the form factor of the Hypercore 9 Mini, but with many more features that have never been seen in any other standard brick battery pack. Then in December, we came out with the NEO 98 Slim which took the form factor of the Hypercore 98 Slim. Both NEO models are 98wh packs utilizing 8 Panasonic cells that can sustain up to a 16A peak load (12A continuous). It’s built with a modular design which reduces wiring and insures the maximum build integrity, making the pack more robust. The batteries are feature-packed with a firmware upgradeable USB port, RFID for users to view all battery vitals from a mobile app, a new multipurpose backlit LCD, and a smart p-tap. Of course like our other brick battery packs, they communicate SMBUS data with cameras and are charger compatible with other manufacturer’s chargers (although we do have the most advanced chargers in the game ;))

Speaking of chargers, at IBC 2019 we also came out with the Fleet Quantum charger that offers a highly efficient “2×2” 4A simultaneous charge. When four packs are connected, the charger will detect which two have the most charge capacity and charge those to full capacity first. On the front of the charger is a large color touchscreen LCD with a graphical user interface that provides the utmost transparency on stored smart battery data and a battery health analysis.

Lastly on the product side of the year, we move onto the specific camera accessories. We introduced the NANO-C98 to address the want from Canon EOS Cine camera operators for a BP-A style pack that features a p-tap and USB. This 98wh battery communicates with Canon cameras such as the Canon C200, C300 Mark II, and the new C500 Mark II.

For Sony PXW-FX9 operators, we came out with FX9 mount plates as an alternative power option to the Sony XDCA-FX9. Available in both v-mount and gold mount, the milled aluminum plate inserts into the battery slot of the camera and also attaches into the top of the camera (with included screw hardware) to provide a secure platform for mounting brick batteries. It’s equipped a 19.5v output, a visual low battery warning LED, a 4-pin XLR DC input for hotswapping between on-board and external power, two p-taps, and a USB firmware update port.

To showcase these products, we had fun traveling as much as possible to chat with as many of our customers as possible. Shows we attended included BSC in London, NAB Las Vegas, Texas Production Roundup, Cine Gear LA, MPS in London, IBC in Amsterdam, Cine Gear Atlanta, NAB NY, and many dealer shows in-between. Thank you to those who came by our booths at those tradeshows, and if you happened to miss us in 2019, we will be at all of the same ones in 2020 so keep an eye out to see us then.

In addition to the tradeshows, we had the pleasure of attending many other types of events like the ASC Awards, SOC Awards, various PERG events, and some industry parties because why not have some extra fun while working!?

Once again, thank you to everyone for your support and inspiration for us to keep Providing the Power to Create™. We look forward to having another incredible year ahead 🙂

Author: swxadmin

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