BERLIN, OCTOBER 19, 2016 — When  Gerrit  Piechowski,  CEO  and  Founder  of  Berlin-based Modest Department,  started his  production company  with four  of  his  closest friends, their  goal was  to  produce vibrant  videos  of  the  highest  cinema quality.  When  he  made  the  decision  to create a documentary of the European cycling event RAD RACE “Tour D’Italia,” he used a full arsenal of products, including the Hypercore 98, Hypercore Prime and Hypercore HC8 Slim lines, from Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions providing users the power to create.

RAD RACE “Tour D’Italia” is a nine-day ride from Rome to Milan. The riders covered 1,600km (994 miles) with an altitude change of more than 25,000m. The course took the riders through some of Tuscany’s most beautiful countryside, across the Italian Alps and over the Dolomites.
“For   us,   it’s about  finding   a   balance  between   urban,   authentic, valuable   content  and   a professional workflow  with  the  highest  industry  standard  possible,” says  Piechowski. “My  first impression of Core SWX batteries, and the reason I wanted to use them, was the look of them. It’s  pretty hard  to  make  a  battery  look cool  or  professional,  and  between  all  the  normal grey/black bricks, Core SWX was able to stand out with a good design. Apart from this, I started to  read  more  about  Core  SWX and  the  benefits  of  using  them.  They communicate  with  our RED®  gear,  they are extremely  reliable, feature P-tap  and  USB ports,  and  vary  in size,  weight and battery time. These were all important considerations.”

To  capture  the  RAD  RACE “  Tour  D’Italia,”  the team  used a  wide  range of different  Core  SWX products. “For powering our RED® Epic Dragon and RED Scarlet-Weapon, we used Core SWX’s Hypercore 98s and Hypercore Primes,”  says Piechowski. “For our DJI Ronin gimbal we used the Hypercore HC8 Slims. We also used the Core SWX Powerbase PB-70 for our Sony Alpha a6000,  to  power  it  the  whole  night for  time-lapse purposes,  which  worked  great. To  charge  all these  batteries,  I  used  the  Core  SWX  Fleet  Q,  which  is  great for  trips  like  these  where  you’re filming mostly 24/7. You don’t want to waste your time waiting for uncharged batteries.”


In addition to his Core SWX gear and cameras, Piechowski used the Canon L Lens Series plus a few Sigma Art lenses. Wanting to keep gear light and efficient, the team also used lightweight carbon tripods from Induro and a portable powerful light setup from F&V Lighting that included the  R-300  LED  Ring  Light,  two  Z400 UltraColor  Studio Panels and  the  company’s  newest  soft box. They also employed the Syrp Genie and an edelkrone Action and Target module for motion time-lapse shots. The team also captured several shots via drone with the DJI Phantom 3 and recorded all of their material on LaCie Thunderbolt and Western Digital hard drives.

“Especially for this project, the biggest benefit of having Core SWX batteries along for the ride was  its  USB-port,” says Piechowski. “Since all  of  the  riders  were  using  a  Garmin  to  track  their route/speed, etc., everyone needed their Garmins to be charged the whole time. Whenever we had  a  short  break,  the  guys  would  ask  me if  they  could  charge  their  Garmins  and  iPhones again.  I  ended  up  being  the  biggest  power  bank  ever. There  was  a  lot  of  stuff  to  power  via USB.”


Beyond the performance of his Core SWX gear, Piechowski is also impressed with the company itself. “The customer service of Core SWX is really amazing,” adds Piechowski. “I had one small issue that I told them about and without any questions or any complicated emails, I received a new battery in the mailbox a week later. That’s really impressive.”

For  Piechowski,  it’s  not  the  destination  but  the  journey  itself  that nets the  richest  rewards.  His documentary  about  the  experience  on  the  road  with  the  RAD  RACE “  Tour  D’Italia,”  which  he hopes to release in January 2017, makes that abundantly clear.

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