PLAINVIEW, NY, APRIL 4, 2019 ─ Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions, announces innovative power solutions ahead of NAB 2019 (Booth C6633). Aimed at the cine market, the Core HLX mount plates were designed with specific high end cine cameras in mind such the Arri Alexa LF, Mini-LF, RED Ranger and Sony Venice. The HLX Power Management Control (PMC) mount plates can be used in conjunction with the new Cube24, an ideal power supply for the influx of high voltage accepting cinema cameras in the market.  The NPF flat pack was specifically designed to be form fitting on SmallHD’s 5-inch Focus monitor.  The Voltbridge charger provides yet another robust charging option.

“We continue to listen to the market and deliver solutions that are in need,” says Ross Kanarek, CEO, Core SWX. “We are excited to offer this array of new products to the different sectors within our market.  The offerings speak to our continued effort to offer efficient, reliable solutions for cameras while on-set, as well as more compact solutions to power additional accessories.”

The new HLX PMC mount plates take power management concerns away from the camera, and provide a “hot swappable” platform between on-board and block battery/AC mains, while providing transparency to the AC on set.  The on-board LCD monitors input percentage/voltage of the power sources, as well as current draw of the entire camera setup.  The mount plate system uses a standard 2-pin Fischer connector for the power input on the plates, simplifying the array of cables production companies and rental companies need to inventory, while addressing many different camera makes.  The mount plates are available for on-board mounting to ARRI cameras, rail mounting for the Arri Mini LF and Alexa, and gold mount and v-mount backing for the RED Ranger and Sony Venice.

Complementing the HLX mount plates is the Cube24, a 200w AC to DC 24volt power supply.  The lightweight, all aluminum Cube24 is capable of powering the most power hungry cameras through the two 3-pin XLR outputs providing up to 200w combined. The fan-less power supply has internal protections to protect the device against accidental misuse, shutting down and the resetting to operational status. AC input accepts 100-240VAC, making it useable worldwide.

Core’s NPF Flatpack answers the call of the content creation sector of the market who want a low profile, high power NPF L-Series type battery pack.  The 7800mah pack provides the highest capacity offered in an L-Series form, while adding a 4-stage LED gauge and a DC power input, accepting 10-17vdc. The DC input allows you to “powertap” into the pack to simultaneously power the monitor and charge the battery, as well has a UPS function should DC power be interrupted the monitor will immediately switch to battery power.

Rounding out the new offerings are two new additions to the Voltbridge charger lineup.  The FLEETQ4Ai and Q4Si chargers are a robust, travel version of the ever popular FLEET Micro Voltbridge chargers.  The new economical charger models are without front LCD and touch panel, yet still offer full battery fleet management control and diagnostic capabilities via the Voltbridge app(available on iTunes and Playstore).

These new products will mark their first debut at Core SWX’s booth (C6633) during the 2019 NAB Show.

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