PLAINVIEW, NY, APRIL 9, 2024 ─ Core SWX, a leading provider of innovative power solutions for the film and broadcast industry, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary PD Pro Connection. Representing a significant advancement in on-set auxiliary power distribution, the PD Pro Connection is poised to transform the way filmmakers approach power management during productions.
With the rapid evolution of modern filmmaking technology, the demands placed on production crews have never been greater. The PD Pro Connection addresses these challenges head-on, offering a versatile and reliable solution that adapts to the diverse power requirements of today’s production environments.
Key Features of the PD Pro Connection Include:
Wide Voltage Range: Offering a voltage output range of 5 to 48 volts, catering to the diverse needs of modern production equipment.
Lightning-Fast Negotiation: With negotiation speeds of just 10 milliseconds, ensuring rapid power delivery without delay.
High Power Output: Supporting up to 145 watts of output, providing consistent and dependable power for critical on-set operations.
Ground Loop Elimination: Advanced technology eliminates ground loop concerns, ensuring seamless operation without interference.
Reversible Connector: Simplifying the connection process with a reversible design, eliminating polarity concerns.
USB-C PD Compatibility: 100% compatible with existing USB-C PD connections, allowing filmmakers to charge essential devices directly on set.
Support for Video and Network Connections: Streamlining workflows with support for video and network connections, enhancing collaboration on set.
The PD Pro Connection is designed to revolutionize on-set power solutions, offering unparalleled efficiency and versatility to film crews worldwide. By seamlessly integrating wide-range power output into a single interface, the PD Pro Connection streamlines operations, ensuring consistent and reliable power delivery to essential equipment. This innovative solution optimizes workflow on film sets, empowering production crews to focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about power interruptions.
“We’re excited to introduce the PD Pro Connection, a game-changing innovation that addresses the evolving needs of filmmakers,” said Ross Kanarek, CEO of Core SWX. “With its advanced features and capabilities, the PD Pro Connection empowers production crews to work more efficiently and effectively, ultimately elevating the filmmaking process.”
The PD Pro Aux connection will be available on several soon to be released battery products at NAB 2024.
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