PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 9, 2017 ─ RED Digital Cinema, a leading manufacturer of professional cameras, chose Core SWX to power RED WEAPON 8K S35 cameras used in a challenge to create films that inspire audiences to “let the wild in.” As part of Nat Geo WILD’s RED Challenge, ten experienced cinematographers from around the world were selected to set out on a 15-week mission to produce, shoot and deliver innovative short films showcasing their original take on the wildlife genre. As a leader in battery and charging solutions, Core SWX was chosen to provide its Hypercore SLIM 8 RED battery packs and a GP-2LSJ charger to each of the filmmakers.

Nat_Geo_WILD_Red_ChallengeNat Geo WILD’s RED Challenge provided a rare opportunity for the cinematographers to go off script and push their creative boundaries in the field using some of the best camera technology available. To create films that put a new spin on wildlife storytelling, RED Digital Cinema turned to Core SWX to provide the filmmakers of this challenge with compact and slim power sources that do not compromise on the longevity of battery life. Each of the cinematographers were supplied with five Hypercore SLIM 8 RED battery packs and one GP-2LSJ charger, which are in line with the lightweight modular design and high-grade image quality of RED cameras.

Winner of the Nat Geo WILD RED Challenge, Samuel Guiton, reported back with glowing remarks, saying, “The Core SWX batteries did a perfect job! The products provided a seamless connection to the RED camera, allowing the camera to anticipate low power and shut down properly to prevent any loss of data. The large rear screen on the batteries accurately display the life expectancy and helped anticipate switches while shooting, ensuring not missing that shot you’ve been waiting for so long to capture, which is frequent in wildlife filmmaking.”

Measuring 3.8 in. x 5.87 in. x 1.6 in. and weighing only 1.43 lbs., the Hypercore SLIM 8 RED batteries offer the most compact, slim and sleek design in the industry today. These durable, 85wh V-mount Lithium ion packs are capable of handling high draws up to 148w without deterioration in service life nor operability, perfect for powering RED cameras. The exact percentage of remaining capacity of the battery is communicated directly to the camera’s VF/LCD. In addition, the Hypercore SLIM 8 packs have an LCD that features Core SWX’S new next-gen, ultra-clear, white LED backlit screen. The battery cells are also incased in an over molded, rubberized housing, that provides additional protection against accidental impacts and reduces the risk of the battery slipping out of the user’s hands. As with all products within the Hypercore series, the Hypercore SLIM 8 packs are outfitted with an accelerometer to detect motion. This causes the battery packs to hibernate when there is no usage or movement after a 48-hour period. Once the battery is back in use or detects the slightest movement, it awakens at its maximum capacity.

“At Core SWX, it’s our passion to empower filmmakers and help them focus on what inspires them,” says Ross Kanarek, CEO, Core SWX. “We’re thrilled that RED gave us this opportunity to support the creative storytelling that this challenge encourages.”

The GP-2LSJ is a two-position, simultaneous charger with MultiChemistry capabilities (NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion) and includes a 70w 12vdc camera power supply.  Weighing under three pounds, the charger is compact enough to fit into a camera bag. The GP-2LSJ’s trickle charge maintenance program ensures the batteries are always at maximum capacity.

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