Explore unbeatable deals across a wide range of V-mount, G-mount, and B-mount battery models, including popular series like Nano Micro, NEO, Helix Max, and more. To accompany the batteries, there are also some B-Stock chargers and accessories below.


Each product comes with its unique condition type, meticulously outlined on individual product pages linked from product images below. From pristine to slightly imperfect, find the perfect match for your needs. Rest assured, every product, regardless of its condition, is backed by a 30-day warranty, offering you the confidence to shop with peace of mind. Our warranty guarantees a hassle-free refund for any product-related issues, though please note that replacements are not included. Don’t miss out on these exclusive offers – upgrade your gear and start the year right!


Please note: All product photos are new stock photos and not photos of the individual B-Stock products.


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Nano Micro 50 G-mt
Nano Micro 98 V-mt
Nano Micro 98 G-mt
Nano Micro 150 V-mt
Powerbase Edge Lite
Powerbase Edge
NEO 9 Mini G-mt
NEO 150 Mini V-mt
Hypercore 150 G-mt
Hypercore Prime V-mt
Hypercore XL V-mt
Core Nano 98 V-mt
Helix 98 V-mt
Helix 98 G-mt
Helix XL V-mt
Helix XL G-mt
Apex 360
NANO-VBR98 for Panasonic
NANO-U98 for Sony
Mount Plates
GP Chargers
Mach 4 Micro B-mt
Fleet Chargers


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