Barrett Media Co. Trusts Core on Set

The Native Dual Voltage Helix Max battery packs were designed to provide ease of mind to customers while on-set. Since the battery line hit the market, rental houses along with production companies and owner operators were satisfied with the performance of them and the fact they no longer needed separate batteries for different equipment within their kit.
Soon thereafter, the Core SWX patented Helix technology, capable of outputting either native low voltage or native high voltage was also integrated into RED Digital Cinema’s REDVOLT XL packs to accompany their new RED Raptor XL camera.
Many of our loyal Core customers were thrilled that the new RED Raptor XL incorporated Core’s technology, making it Helix Native, further proving Core’s commitment to standardize the Helix ecosystem. Some already had our Helix line of batteries and others wanted to invest in the new REDVOLT XL packs as they were manufactured by Core, the company they already trusted for power. One customer in particular we got the chance to speak to was John Barrett, founder of Barrett Media Co.

While working as a Director of Photography, John prefers to use his RED Raptor XL camera, stating, “The new variable internal neutral density system has filled a major gap in my RED workflow that I’ve dealt with for many years.”
For power, John has been using Core products from battery packs, to shark-fins, conversion plates, and chargers since 2015 and has come to find “They are the only battery manufacturer that I trust to keep cameras rolling and accessories powered up.” Recently he added 6 of the RED REDVOLT XL battery packs to power up his RED Raptor XL.

While speaking of the transition to powering a high voltage camera with the Helix battery system, he mentioned “There was essentially no transition for me when switching to the Helix batteries because my previous chargers are all compatible [and] now I have battery packs that can power any accessories and essentially every cinema camera package out there. The automatic voltage switching takes thinking out of the equation. Basically, if a piece of equipment prefers 14V or 28V power, the battery will automatically output the correct voltage.”
Further speaking of chargers, “While not a necessary upgrade, the new Mach 4 charger cuts down charging time by 25%, which is extremely helpful on fast-paced productions.” The Mach 4 series of chargers offer a simultaneous 4A charge current, making them the fastest chargers on the market.
On one of John’s latest shoots for Hummer / Call of Duty, they utilized the Ultimate Arm car team to get car-to-car shots of the new Hummer EV out in the desert. “Having a single Helix Max pack on the Ultimate Arm allowed us to shoot for almost 2 hours on the RED V-Raptor XL, without needing to swap batteries.”
Take a look at all of John’s work on his company’s website and stay connected with him on Instagram.

Author: swxadmin

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