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Last year was filled with projects and a lot of traveling, but was an amazing year. This year is already gearing up to be another year full of interesting projects and new places to visit. One of the exciting parts about my job is that I get to use the best equipment and film the best skateboarders in the world. In January, I got to travel to the Canary Islands for the Thrasher Skater of the Year trip that will be featured on the Trasher website this month.

I worked on the ‘DC Trase’ video in January. It turned out to be a unique experience for me because it wasn’t the ‘usual’ skate video. We had the opportunity to really play around with colors and use paint as a prop to create something different and outside of the box. After watching the video you’ll understand why were thankful we had a good clean-up crew.

The Nyjah N2, Nyjah Huston’s newest shoe, was released in February by DC shoes. For this video I directed, filmed and edited with the help of DC’s creative department and fellow DC filmer, Massimo Legittimo. We shot 3 different trick styles that reflected the technology of the shoe itself.

In between my traveling and projects for DC Shoes, I have been working on a new website with two of my friends, Jeff Goforth and Mikey Taylor. We presented where I have been able to showcase a different side of my passion for film. I already have a few different videos that I have put together on the website showcasing others following their passions in life.


It is only March, but so much has already happened this year. I have a lot on my schedule already including a video part with Mikey Taylor for his new signature footwear and apparel, my first ever Nascar shoot in Las Vegas, and the annual NAB show where you can see my new Switronix video featuring the Bolt 220. If you see me, come up and say hello.

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