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Zeke Kamm, successful filmmaker and storyteller, realized one day that there wasn’t a place on the web where you can get a general overview on why one would use a particular type of gear over another for certain situations. This led him to producing Gear Dictionary, a web series of educational gear videos for both beginner and working filmmakers to describe and explain the characteristics and use of certain production gear. He mentioned they’re not gear reviews or “how to” videos, but more of explanation videos. The first season contained an episode for each of the following categories: gimbals, microphones, camera rigs, lens filters, light modifiers, and cine lenses.

For the production, mainly shot in Zeke’s studio, Hypercore battery packs powered their rig with a power splitter sending power out to their Panasonic  Lumix DMC-GH4, Atomos Shogun monitor/recorder, and audio recorder all at the same time. One Hypercore-98S provided them long lasting power all day long. Hypercore also powered their Zylight F8-100 LED Fresnels. With that highly efficient LED set at around 3% of max, one Hypercore 98wh battery lasted many days of shooting which Zeke said “was quite a treat!”

The use of Hypercore batteries benefits Zeke’s productions because he always knows how much power they have on each pack with the large LCD power gauge and pro level cells, he doesn’t have to worry. He added, “When you are a traveling/location filmmaker power is constant concern. It doesn’t matter if you have a $1,000 camera or a $100,000 camera, if your power poops out, you can’t film a thing. High quality batteries are essential.  Also, with all the travel restrictions regarding flying with big batteries it was a huge help that these are sized to hold the most juice possible without getting booted by the airlines.”

Below is one of the 6 episodes Zeke has up from season 1 and make sure to check out the rest here.
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