How to Power: BMD Ursa Cine 12K/17K and Pyxis Cameras

We hope you all got back safely from NAB and had a chance to check out all of our new products we announced this year. It was so nice to see old and new faces and the excitement around PD Pro, Powerbase Edge Snap, and our Hypercore G3 packs.

Other news coming out of NAB this year was the announcement of three new cameras from Blackmagic Design. With new cameras, you are going to need new batteries and Core has you covered.

First off are the Ursa Cine 12K LF and Ursa Cine 17K. These two cameras are jam- packed with features and a lot of different resolutions and frame rates at an incredible cost. To get access to all of the features, they require a high voltage battery with a B-mount platform which is where our Helix Max series steps in.

Our Helix Max packs are the go to high voltage pack in the industry because they are Native Dual Voltage™, meaning you can use them for your 28v high voltage devices as well as your 14v low voltage devices. Being able to operate in Native Dual Voltage makes the batteries in your kit incredibly versatile to power any device and charge on existing 14v chargers. Made with the best cells in the biz to handle higher power requirements, Helix Max is the perfect match for this camera.

The cameras are pretty power hungry pulling up to 185w. Now that’s just the camera alone, so remember, you will more than likely have accessories that also need power and would want to keep that in mind when choosing the capacity of your Helix Max pack.

If you fly a lot for gigs, you may want to go with 98wh packs (HLX-9MXB), two 150wh’s (HLX-150MXB) and our Helix B-mount sharkfin. When traveling, you are able to carry-on as many 98s as you need, and up to two 150s, but it’s always best to check with your airline prior to flying. Then with the sharkfin, you can double up on capacity while operating the camera, allowing for longer runtimes.

If you need a larger capacity and don’t need to fly, then it is time to turn to the larger capacity batteries in our 275wh (HLX-275MXB) and 360wh (HLX-360MXB) packs. These can handle anything you throw at them, whether you need it for very long runtimes or to power a bunch of accessories during a narrative job.

Any way to look at it, Helix Max B-mounts for the new Ursa Cine 12k and 17K are the way to go.

Next up is the Pyxis camera which is a new box style camera from Blackmagic under $3K. This checks a lot of boxes for BMD fans and at an incredible price point.

Accepting a Sony BP-U style battery, this is the perfect situation for our NANO-U98X packs.  The Nano U98X batteries are 98wh BP-U style packs with a built in P-tap and USB-C PD port allowing you to power accessories on your rig without the use of a V of G-mount plate and batteries.

These packs can also be charged three different ways! With a BP-U charger, a P-tap charger, and a USB-C charger. As long as you have one of those packed away for an emergency, you will never run out of power.

If you are thinking about purchasing the new Blackmagic Design cameras, it is an obvious choice to go with Core batteries. Experience peace of mind in every situation with Core’s power solutions. Let us handle the power while you concentrate on your project. Stay Core Driven!

Author: swxadmin

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