How to Power Panasonic Cameras

Although Panasonic is known all around the World for a wide variety of products and technology, we’re going to focus on powering their Professional Video segment, from smaller DSLR type cameras, to their cinema line. Like many other camera manufacturers, they offer their own line of power solutions, but there is always room for some alternative power solutions which might be a better fit for the operator. All of our battery packs also use Panasonic lithium ion cells, so it’s a win-win for all parties involved.

GH5_PB_SquareLet’s begin with how to power the GH series ranging from the older Panasonic GH2, up to the latest new addition, Panasonic GH5S. All of the models in the series will be compatible with the Powerbase Edge battery pack using the DMW-BLF19 battery adapter cable which is routed through the cable exit point on the battery door of the camera, making the integration seamless. Both items come together in a kit with a p-tap charger, providing an all-in-one power solution (Sku: PBE-GH). The 49wh pack with an 8A load will keep the camera running for approximately 7.5 hours! The Edge is also outfitted with two powertaps and two USB ports for additional accessories, a backlit runtime LCD providing remaining battery life down to the minute, and two different mounting options. The camera operator has the ability to mount by using either the ¼-20 screw mount that can go anywhere such as directly under the camera, on a cage, or any other type of accessory that as a ¼-20 thread, or it can also be mounted by using the standard v-mount side.

To make the Edge battery pack even more versatile, you can use the same battery for many other cameras as long as you have the appropriate adapter cable. We offer an adapter cable for select Panasonic cameras that take the VBR style battery such as the EVA1 camera. It comes in a kit as well with model number PBE-VBR. If you already have the battery pack and/or charger and don’t want to purchase as an all-in-one kit then all of the Powerbase Edge adapter cables are also available separately. All Powerbase Edge adapter cables are 6” in length, but if needed, there is an extension cable (PBEC-EXT) offered which provides an extra 18”.

Moving forward, another solution we offer to power Panasonic cameras accepting the VBR style battery pack, is the small yet powerful, NANO-VBR98. The NANO-VBR98 is a 98wh (7.4v, 13200mah) pack with a 12vdc boosted powertap. Being that the NANO-VBR98 is a 7.4v, yet with the 12vdc powertap, it allows you to simultaneously power the camera and additional accessories including external monitor, light, wireless transmitter, etc. The pack is also equipped with a 4-stage LED to easily gauge how much juice you have left, and when you run out; you can charge it back up on the OEM Panasonic chargers.

Now onto our intelligent brick style battery packs, the Nano and Hypercore series. The Nano series is a slim 98wh pack, and is the more entry level option, with the difference from Hypercore being that they have a lower continuous load at 8A and no multipurpose runtime LCD. The Hypercore series capacities range from 98wh to 293wh (wow, that’s macho!). The Hypercore series all have a multipurpose runtime LCD, and have load handling capabilities. There are two 98wh options, depending on the operators form factor preference, the smaller form Hypercore 9 Mini and slimmer yet taller Hypercore Slim 98 (both 12A load). There are also higher capacity offerings, from the Hypercore 150, 150wh pack, and the travel friendly Hypercore Prime which is a two-part split 190wh battery to make it acceptable for air travel. Last but not least, the king of them all is the Hypercore XL, a 293wh pack with a 15A continuous load (20A peak).

All of the brick battery models communicate data to the cameras LCD/VF, come in both the standard v-mount and gold mount style packs, and have a p-tap and USB. If you are using any camera within the Panasonic lineup that is outfitted with either a v-mount or gold mount plate such as the Panasonic VariCam LT, then any of these will be great for you. Of course, the higher the capacity, the longer the operational runtime. Please also keep in the mind that anything under 100wh is air travel friendly for up to 15 packs in your carry-on bag. The Hypercore 150 is allowed as 2 standalone and 1 connected to your device. Anything over 160wh is not acceptable for air travel.

We hope this covers all the bases for you to get your Panasonic camera’s powered up with reliable long-lasting power solutions. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Author: swxadmin

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