How to Power RED Cameras

RED Digital Cinema is the name behind many popular cameras; RED V-Raptor, RED Komodo, RED DSMC2, and RED Ranger. Although RED provides their own suitable power solutions which a couple of we even designed in conjunction with them on (REDVOLT BP and REDVOLT Micro-V), we always like to provide some more alternate solutions.
Let’s start by talking about the newest RED camera model, the RED V-Raptor. With the RED V-Raptor design, the camera as of now will only accept v-mount battery packs that are in a micro design which from the Core SWX battery lineup will be the Nano Micro v-mount battery packs. Core partners with RED in providing the REDVOLT Micro-V packs and those 12A deliverable, 98wh packs are available exclusively through RED and their channel partners. Core offers two packs compatible with the V-Raptor, the NANO-V98 and NANO-V150 which are smart battery packs so they will pass through the SMBUS data to the cameras LCD (AKA the remaining battery percentage) and they are also equipped with a USB, p-tap, and 4-stage LED power gauge. The NANO-V98 will deliver up to a 10A load and the NANO-V150 can handle a 16A peak/12A continuous load.

The Nano Micro packs are also the go-to batteries that best complement the form factor of the RED Komodo camera. To mount the brick battery packs onto the RED Komodo, we offer the only 3rd Party RED Approved v-mount (CXV-KOMU) and 3-stud (CXA-KOMU) battery plates on the market. They allow the use of 14.4v brick batteries to power the camera while leaving the camera’s DC input available for AC power and battery hot swap. Additionally, they will communicate the SMBUS data with the use of “smart” batteries (as we mentioned above, Nano Micros are) and they are equipped with 3 DC output ports: P-tap, USB, and 2-pin Lemo. To further complement the RED Komodo, we have a selection of p-tap to 2-pin Lemo cables available in different sizes as well as a rail mount plate for those who wish to rig up with a rod style setup.

Now onto powering the RED DSMC2 – The recommended battery series is the high current delivery Hypercore NEO packs in either NEO 9 Mini (98wh) or NEO 150 Mini (147wh). These batteries are packed with all the bells and whistles one can imagine for a brick battery such as an intuitive down to the minute runtime LCD display, RFID, modular build, firmware upgradeable USB, storage mode, camera communication, smart tap (p-tap), rubberized housing, LED gauge, 2K Cycles/2 Year warranty, and hibernation – Phew, that was a lot of features! As with all of our 98wh packs, the NEO 9 Mini version is also UN38.3 certified for air travel to make customer traveling experience go as smooth as possible.

To further outfit the RED DSMC2 and keep it running continuously without any down time is the EVO battery backup which is an accessory many DSMC2 operators find to be a no-brainer when it comes to powering their rig. Not only does it have an internal 29wh battery inside to allow your camera to stay powered when hot swapping your on-board battery, it also has a “boost” or battery assist function to start your camera up faster, should your on-board pack be unable to handle the startup current necessary. The EVO is offered in either a direct mount to the DSMC2, minimizing the need for an additional mount plate, or it is available in either v-mount and 3-stud backing to attach to any v-mount or 3-stud plate which means it can be used for other pieces of equipment that accept brick batteries.

Lastly, we have the RED Ranger which can support a wider input voltage up to 32V. For this model, our Helix dual voltage battery packs would be the perfect option as they can operate as standard 14.4V battery pack or at 28V when coupled with a Helix mount plate.
The Helix series has the following battery offerings: Helix 9 Mini (98wh), Helix 150 Mini (147wh), Helix Prime (2-part 190wh), and Helix XL (293wh). Like the NEO series, they have RFID, an intuitive runtime LCD, smart tap, rubberized housing, camera communication, storage mode, and LED gauge. They’re different from the NEO series in that they offer the dual voltage output as mentioned above and they have higher voltage efficiency.

Of course one last topic we need to discuss is how to charge all of these batteries! Although we offer our own lines of dual and quad charger options ranging from our most economical X2 Mini charger, up to our most advanced Fleet Micro with VoltBridge, all of the battery packs are charger compatible with other manufacturer’s chargers, even the RED brick charger.
Now you’re all set to keep calm and power on those RED cameras 😉

Author: swxadmin

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