Jon Olsson Vlogs in 8K with RED Epic-W

Professional skier, car-enthusiast, product designer and blogger, Jon Olsson, has now added vlogging in 8K to his extensive list. Being in front of the camera for 20 years filming for ski movies, he always loved doing his tricks for the camera, but he also always loved to learn how the other side of the camera worked. This fascination along with blogging for his website, led him to daily vlogging.

Back in May when he started the vlog with Marcus Valeur, they were using a Leica SL camera, but recently decided to invest in the new RED Epic-W to start filming their vlog’s in a higher resolution.  They admit daily vlogging in 8K is bit overkill, but for some of the footage it really makes a difference. Also, when you build your channel to grow to 498K subscribers with 600K daily views, you want to provide your audience with the most incredible footage you can.

A typical day filming can last them from about 8am to 6pm at night, and then they have to get home to upload and edit all of the content to post the next day online. It’s definitely a challenge, but it’s what they strive to do every day. With their busy on-the-go type days filming, they needed a compact, reliable setup to get them through the day. Since power is one of the most important components to any camera, while they were doing research for the best RED run and gun setup, they decided to go with Hypercore SLIM HC8 and HC7 battery packs to assist them with their productions. After using them for a few weeks, they’re impressed with how long of a runtime they get in a super compact battery and couldn’t have imagined choosing anything else.

jon-olsson_2One of the many cool features about Jon’s new RED Epic-W setup is the design on the camera. About 10 years ago they decided to have a camouflage Lamborghini as kind of a joke, but since many people liked it so much, he kept with it. Now, he has everything in that gray, black, white camouflage pattern that he kind of became a trademark for him – Even his house is painted in camo! Along with the camera, his Wooden Camera battery module is also in camo, and possibly something from Core SWX will be coming in the near future – Stay tuned 😉

Upcoming for the daily vlog, we should be seeing what they’re up to in Indonesia, and then they’re heading to Bali, Dubai, back to Monaco where Jon lives now, and then Canada. What a busy and exciting schedule! Be sure to check out the vlogs daily at Jon’s YouTube channel here.

Author: swxadmin

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