Lifestyle Project: New York

The Lifestyle Project is kicking off in New York with four creative, talented participants; Stephen Marino, Brandon Cotter, Noel Cordero, and Carl Timpone. All of them are heavily involved in their projects but have taken the time to be part of campaign to give us a glimpse of their life on-and-off set.

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Stephen Marino is a cinematographer with work credits on projects ranging from Nike, Redbull, Levi’s, and more. Currently, he is working on a short profile piece of an ex-skateboarder (Benny) who recently started to restore cars from the bottom up. Stephen uses the Bolt LED lights (220 and 220R), and the Powerbase70 for his C300 which has proven to stand the test of time, as he rarely steps inside a studio, relying on field location setups, so his equipment has a fair share of abuse dealing with unruly conditions. A regular week of shooting for Stephen consists of being on location at the Car Restorer’s house 2-3 times to grab the footage he needs for the short profile piece.  Some of the highlights so far have been some high-speed driving and sketchy burnouts. When Stephen isn’t working on Benny’s short profile piece, he’s working on three other film projects and in his spare time he works on his own motorcycle projects Discover more about Stephen and his Lifestyle Project here.

Brandon-4-editedBrandon Cotter is a writer, director, editor, and time-lapse photographer. Brandon’s resume includes writing and directing two short films and working with the Timelapse Group on various productions. Recently, Brandon made a time-lapse of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and currently working on a project for a research company. Brandon leverages the brightness of the Bolt LED lights (220 and 220R) for his work.  He said, “I love the bolt because it’s a light weight device that can easily be used as run and gun light, the power of a larger LED light, and the convenience of the remote control function.”  The Bolt lights have dazzled, both with light output and efficiency.  A typical week for Brandon is conversing with contacts and colleagues to follow up on the gigs they agreed upon for the week as well as an office job for 3 days to have a steady stream of income.  He allocates 12 hours a week for writing, to keep him sharp creatively and for upcoming production gigs.  The time spent keeps him fresh so he can deliver his A game for the next project in cue. For most of his gigs he is a project manager, director, cameraman, and every now and again takes a project as AC. Find out more about Brandon and his Lifestyle Project here.

   Noel 5

Noel Cordero is managing partner and creative director at the Timelapse Group where he has worked on a New Year’s Eve Time Square time-lapse, a WestHouse Hotel Construction time-lapse, and currently is working on a 5K vertical video project for the Park Central Hotel.  He uses many products including the Bolt (220), Jetpack and Jetpack X, and Powerbase 70s. Although he loves them all, his favorite is the Powerbase 70s because he can shoot a time-lapse for weeks on one charge. Noel is busy every week scheduling photographers for shoots, working with clients, editing, and shooting video. Check out more about Noel and his Lifestyle Project here.

Carl-4-edited   Carl 1

Carl Timpone is a photographer, creative director, and co-owner of the media group, Visual Natives.  On a day to day basis, Carl is working with clients on various different creative projects including logo design to artwork for singer/songwriter’s new albums. Recently, he is working on filming a music video for a country artist, documenting the Ferguson protest in NYC, and model photography for a new social media app. No matter what he is working on, the unifying factor is concept, which is his favorite aspect of the creative process. Carl utilizes our lighting, the Bolt 220R and TL-50NXT, and is very excited to use these tools in his upcoming personal series.  Being a trained photographer, he values the LEDs simplistic design, and portability which can assist in changing the entire mood of an image. Learn more about Carl and his Lifestyle Project here.

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