Recap: NAB 2024 Unveils Game-Changing Innovations in Cinematic Power Solutions

If you couldn’t join us this year, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. NAB 2024 showcased groundbreaking advancements in cinematic production with the launch of four revolutionary products that are set to redefine industry standards.
1. Hypercore G3: Next-Generation Power Solution
The Hypercore G3 represents the evolution of the Hypercore line, boasting advanced power capabilities with a 20A load output and unparalleled durability. With a durable polycarbonate shell and a wraparound RGB LED gauge, the Hypercore G3 offers enhanced user convenience and reliability. Its revolutionary PD Pro AUX connections and cross-compatibility with USBC-PD ensure versatility and seamless integration with professional camera systems.

2. Powerbase Edge Snap: Revolutionizing Power Solutions
The award winning Powerbase Edge Snap, redefines cinematic production standards with its revolutionary magnetic mount design. With unique snap-together stacking features and hot-swapping capabilities, the Powerbase Edge Snap streamlines power management on set. Supporting concurrent powering of up to four accessories, this innovative power solution ensures consistent power delivery and convenient charging. With PD Pro ports facilitating USBC-PD charging and travel friendly form factor, the Powerbase Edge Snap is set to change the way you power your productions, and we are so proud to announce that this product won CineD’s Best of Show 2024!


3. Nano X: Redefining Portability and Power
The Nano X stole the spotlight with its compact form factor and unparalleled performance. Featuring a built-in EmLED screen and compact travel-friendly design. The Nano X packs a punch with 98Wh to 150Wh options available. Crafted with precision, this portable powerhouse ensures formidable performance in a petite package. With features like an integrated up to 100w USBC-PD, P-tap port, SMBUS camera communication, and VoltBridge ID, the Nano X is set to become the benchmark for portable power solutions.

4. PD Pro Connector Types: Versatile Connectivity Solutions
NAB 2024 also introduced the revolutionary PD Pro™ Connection representing a significant advancement in on-set auxiliary power distribution, offering a versatile and reliable connectivity solution for a wide range of applications. The PD Pro Connection is poised to transform the way filmmakers approach power management during productions.

This year we also announced our exciting new partnership with Nanlite introducing top-notch power solutions for their lighting products with our impressive new Apex 275 battery pack!

NAB 2024 was a testament to innovation and creativity in cinematic power solutions. With the launch of these game-changing products, we’re excited to see how they will shape the future of filmmaking and empower creators worldwide. If you missed out on NAB 2024, stay tuned for more updates and innovations in the world of cinematic production. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a brighter, more creative future and check out our NAB raffle winners and final recap below!


Also a special shout out to all of our friends who shared their booth space with us during the show!
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Until Next Year: Stay Core Driven!

Author: mstanley

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