New at IBC 2017 from Core SWX and Zacuto

IBC is right around the corner and we’re thrilled to be sharing a booth (12.F55) again with our friends over at Zacuto.  Get a sneak peek below below to see what exciting new products both of us will be exhibiting at the show this year.

We’ve updated our Hypercore 98 line with a brand new Slim design. The new design, with make the Hypercore “Slim” 98 the slimmest, high-draw (12A, 15A peak), high capacity (98Wh) lithium ion battery pack on the market.  At nearly half the depth of the comparable competitors’ products, the new Hypercore Slim 98 will be the ultimate power solution for power hungry cameras, as well as supporting UAV, gimbal, and other handheld productions. They’re outfitted with all the popular features of the Hypercore series such as the multipurpose backlit runtime LCD that allows users to easily read the remaining runtime in hours and minutes while in use, and as a charger indicator when connected to a charger. There is a USB and p-tap on the side of the pack to allow users to plug in other devices for power while on set, or even at the airport to charge a cell phone (since they are travel friendly). Like all of the Core SWX battery offerings, it’s available in V-mount (HCS-98S) and 3-Stud mount (HCS-98AG), and the charger compatibilities are endless. The V-mount models will charge on RED, IDX, and Sony chargers, and the 3-Stud mount models will charge on Anton Bauer chargers. The V-mount model offers SMBUS data communication which delivers the exact percentage of remaining capacity to the camera’s VF/LCD to RED DSMC2, Sony, Blackmagic Design, etc.



To complement the Hypercore Slim 98’s, Core SWX has the HC9 Mini battery packs and Fleet Micro chargers. The HC9 Mini’s are also travel friendly at 98Wh, have a 12A max load (15A peak), and equipped with all the features of Hypercore. The HC9 Mini’s have a short form factor, so it doesn’t interfere with any user’s top handle or any other possible accessories above the camera, and the p-tap and USB have been relocated to the top of the battery pack to not interfere with any I/O modules on the right side. This battery series is available in V-mount (HCM-9S), V-mount RED (HCM-9R), and 3-Stud mount (HCM-9AG).


The Fleet Micro series of chargers offer multiple key functions for battery packs that no other charger on the market has before. Besides being the fastest battery charger in the industry today (four 98wh packs in under 2 ½ hrs.), the charger offers a TEST mode to determine battery health and recharge performance on the on-board LCD, as well as a micro USB so the data can also be viewed and managed with a PC application. In addition to battery management, the Fleer Micro’s include a SafeFly feature that allows users to either charge the connected packs up to 30% or discharge to under 30% to make them acceptable for air travel. These chargers are available in four different models: FLEET-DM2A, FLEET-DM2S, FLEET-QM4A, FLEET-QM4S.


This year at IBC, Zacuto knew the GH5 would be worthy of their very first Cage design! This lightweight, “no-cage” cage is slim and compact, using the curves of the camera to define its shape.

It comes with an adjustable side grip with a coldshoe and a sturdy HDMI cable support. Add accessories like a top grip, rod mount, Atomos Inferno or Metabones mount to customize your cage. You can even add a baseplate and turn the GH5 Cage into a full Next Gen Recoil Rig!


After Zacuto worked with the Panasonic EVA1 in person last week, they can’t wait for it to hit the market. They created a few unique accessories to support this exceptional camera design, most notably a Z-Finder Pro to adapt the camera LCD screen into a viewfinder.

$7,495 US is a solid camera price point for smaller one or two man operations making the EVA1 an ideal camera to adapt to a Next Gen Recoil shoulder rig style. Next Gen Recoil rigs position your camera further back over your shoulder moving focusing and monitoring forward for a more balanced and comfortable all day shooting rig.


EVA1 specific accessories include the Z-Finder Pro, a custom Top Plate to mount accessories, and a new Z-Grip Trigger flip-up style grip for the EVA1 removable grip.

We can’t wait to see you in Amsterdam! Be sure to stop by hall 12 booth F55 to check out all of this new gear and chat with us!

Author: swxadmin

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