Powering the Production of “The Dungeon Master of Bushwick”

Josh and Jason Diamond, aka The Diamond Brothers, have used Core SWX batteries as their go to power solution for a long time, stating “reliability and functionality are what we look for when we’re choosing new gear.”  When they approached us to see if we’d be interested in sponsoring a project they’re producing called “The Dungeon Master of Bushwick,” (Working Title) we were instantly intrigued to learn more about it and support the production.

The Dungeon Master of Bushwick” is about Dwarven Forge, and the artist who founded it back in 1996, Stefan Pokorny.  Pokorny is a professional painter, sculptor, and devoted Dungeons & Dragons fan.  Using his talents, and passion for D&D, he decided to create a “real” dungeon terrain for his 25mm tall hero figures, which led to the phenomena known as Dwarven Forge. It took him months to complete his first terrain, but the result was a huge success for gamers.  This led to thousands of fans around the globe, and a variety of different sets featuring terrain such as dungeons, lava caves, and ancient ruins. Demand for new sets was so high that Dwarven Forge created three different Kickstarter projects to create new sets at a more affordable price for gamers. All three Kickstarters combined to have risen over $5 million, illustrating the demand for these models.

005_IMG_1422_A Kickstarter-Screenshot

Executive Producer, Nate Taylor, thought documentary Director, Josh Bishop and tech wizard producers the Diamond Brothers would be perfect for this project, for both their artistic sensibilities and their backgrounds playing D&D. The Diamond Brothers had a long working relationship with Bishop, and immediately thought the story was a compelling one. “Stefan is an amazing artist and unique character.” they explained. “As a company we’re often juggling multiple projects so we divide and conquer based on each of our specific talents and the needs of the productions. In the case of Dwarven Forge there is a heavy technical camera and workflow side beyond the Physical Production that Josh is handling, Jason has been most focused on the tech side of this project. “We’ll be capturing over 60TB of original 4K material during the course of the shoot so there is a ton of prep and management.”

To power the production, they’re relying on Hypercore battery packs as well as XP-L130S. With the high output capacity on the Hypercores, it allows them to run a few accessories on the cameras when they build them out. Using a Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ allows them to capture 12bit 4K raw streams from the Sony FS7. The USB outputs on the batteries have allowed them to charge their phones on the go, which is always a nice added bonus!  Using an XC4LSD digital fast charger, they’re fascinated at the amount of smart battery data that is accessible; battery charge status, charge/discharge cycles, serial numbers, etc.


Keep up with The Diamond Brothers on their website, Twitter (@Josh_Diamond, @JasonDiamond) and Instagram (@JoshDiamond, @JasonDiamond)

Author: swxadmin

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