HyperCore G3 150 Series

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HyperCore G3 150 Series


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At the heart of the Core’s 3rd Generation ‘G3’ HyperCore packs lies a groundbreaking shell design meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of production. This innovative polycarbonate shell provides unparalleled protection, ensuring the stability and continuity of critical power in the most demanding environments.

Integrated within this robust shell is a relocated side-mounted LCD, offering enhanced user convenience. This backlit LCD runtime display provides unparalleled clarity and ease of use, enabling users to effortlessly monitor battery runtime and percentage, ensuring constant readiness for any task.

The addition of a wraparound RGB LED battery status gauge, encircling the pack and providing intuitive visual feedback. This feature not only offers clear and easy monitoring of battery status from any angle but also allows for quick differentiation between multiple packs, ensuring seamless workflow management on set.

What truly sets the G3 HyperCore Packs apart is their advanced power capabilities. Boasting a 20A load handling current, these batteries effortlessly tackle the most demanding cinema and broadcast applications, providing reliable and consistent power delivery under any circumstance.

Integral to these packs is the Voltbridge iD chip, enabling logging of battery data in a local database on your phone, customization of RGB LED colors, and asset tag/password protection — a testament to their comprehensive compatibility and advanced functionality.

The inclusion of a new revolutionary AUX connection, two PD Pro™ taps alongside the traditional p-tap connector elevates the G3 HyperCore Packs to new heights of versatility and convenience. These PD Pro ports offer wide-range auxiliary voltage output, from 5v to 28v, along with up to 185w output, catering to the diverse power requirements of accessories in the professional video market. Whether you’re powering on-board lights, monitors, FIZ controllers, or any other equipment, the G3 HyperCore Packs have you covered.

Moreover, with its cross-compatibility with USBC-PD, the PD PRO taps integrated within the G3 HyperCore Packs extend their utility beyond merely powering equipment. They serve as versatile charging ports for a multitude of devices, enhancing functionality. Additionally, this compatibility enables the G3 packs to be charged from USBC-PD chargers at up to 100 watts input, further enhancing their flexibility and convenience.

Available in both 99Wh and 144Wh capacities, the G3 HyperCore Packs offer a versatile power solution tailored to diverse shooting scenarios. Whether it’s extended runtime or lightweight portability, there’s a G3 HyperCore Pack designed to meet every filmmaker’s needs.

Offered in V-mount and G-mount type variants, the G3 HyperCore Packs ensure seamless compatibility with a wide array of professional camera systems and accessories, enhancing workflow efficiency and flexibility. In addition, the V-mount models have an embedded 1/4-20 screw thread on the V-clip, you have limitless mounting possibilities with G3 V-mount models. Now, effortlessly attach the packs to the side of camera rigs, gimbal attachments, or anywhere you have 1/4-20 threads for ultimate convenience.

The Core ‘G3’ HyperCore Packs stand as a testament to innovation and engineering excellence. With their superior build quality, advanced power capabilities, and comprehensive compatibility, these batteries empower filmmakers to push the boundaries of creativity without compromise.

Key Features:
• Durable polycarbonate shell ensures stability and continuity of critical power
• Wraparound RGB LED gauge for delineating between packs and viewing battery status from multiple angles
• Side-mounted LCD for enhanced user convenience
• Backlit LCD runtime display for easy monitoring
• Advanced power capabilities with a 20A load handling current
• Two revolutionary PD Pro AUX connection offering wide-range auxiliary voltage output (5v to 28v) and up to 185w output
• Cross-compatibility with USBC-PD for versatile charging/charging mobile devices
• Voltbridge iD chip for logging battery data in a local database on your phone, changing RGB LED color, and asset tag/password protection of packs
• Available in 99Wh and 158Wh capacities for diverse shooting scenarios
• Offered in V-mount and G-mount type variants for seamless compatibility with professional camera systems and accessories


Capacity: 158Wh (14.8v, 11Ah)
Load: 20A
Operational Voltage: DC 12v-16.8v
USB-C PD Charge Input: Up to 100w
USB-C PD PRO Output: DC 5v/9v/12v/15v/20v/24v/28v, green port at 145w and black port at 45w
Size: 4.72” x 3.54” x 3.04”
Weight: 2.4lbs.

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