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Mach4 Micro Quad Series


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Core’s Micro Intelligent Charger Series continues to be the most advanced in the industry. Now with the inclusion of Adaptive Charge Control(ACC) and SafeFly Standalone Discharge function, the new Mach4 Micro chargers are at the pinnacle of technology. An upgraded charge circuit design now allows you to charge four 98wh packs in less then 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Adaptive Charge Control(ACC): Core SWX’s new Adaptive Charge algorithm’s can improve battery longevity and performance up to 30% over the life of the pack. The new ACC algorithm evaluates the battery pack based on age, cycle count, and last full charge capacity, to determine the appropriate charge routine for the pack. While in charge mode, the charger continually monitors the pack for feedback during the charge process to adjust as needed. This process insures top performing packs are charged as fast as possible, while older packs are charged efficiently while accounting for changes in cell performance overtime to minimize degradation and capacity loss.

SafeFly Standalone Discharge: In addition to battery management, the Mach4 Micro Chargers include SafeFly mode. The updated chargers add standalone discharge when AC mains power is not present. This feature provides additional value and allows you to carry one charging system for both charge and discharge of the battery packs. With one touch of the onboard membrane button console or via the Voltbridge App, the chargers will discharge all packs connected to under 30%. By initiating SafeFly mode when the charger is connected to AC mains, the charger with either discharge or charge packs to 30%, to insure all packs are ready for shipment.

The units have an all aluminum build and made in the USA.

In addition, our new CLOUD based battery monitoring platform, VoltBridge Mesh is compatible with the Mach4 Micro chargers. Built upon our iOS app based Voltbridge monitoring system, our Mesh system allows multiple locations, anywhere in the world, to monitor their battery fleet from a single IP connection.


Quick Charge Current: 4A Simultaneous
Discharge Current: Up to 2A per channel
LCD: 4×20 Character Backlit
Size: 8.9” x 3.35” x 12.4”
Weight: 5lbs.
Input Voltage: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz

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