Plate for RED® KOMODO™ Series




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Plate for RED® KOMODO™ Series


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The CXA-KOMU is a BP to G-mount plate direct mount specifically designed for the RED® KOMODO™ camera, allowing use of 14.4V G-mount batteries and leaving the camera’s DC input available for AC power and battery hot swap.  When used with “smart” batteries that communicate with a digital single-line like Core SWX batteries, the camera will read battery percentage and runtime, providing accurate remaining battery capacity info. It’s equipped with 3 DC output ports: P-Tap, USB, and 2pin Lemo. The plate also has a reinforced G-mount locking mechanism, making it the most robust G-mount plate on the market.


Input: 11.9vdc-16.8vdc
Output for camera: DC 7.4v, Dual Canon BP backing
Powertap: DC 11.9-17v, Unregulated
2p Lemo: DC 11.9-17v, Unregulated
USB: DC 5v, Unregulated
Size: 4.6″ x 3.58″ 1.5″
Weight: 0.4 lbs
Firmware port: USB Micro
LED power indication: Bi-color(red/green)

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