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SmallHD Bracket Series


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Core’s Dual Battery Bracket for SmallHD Production Monitors provides you the ability to power the production monitors from the Helix Max battery system. This innovative smart battery bracket seamlessly slides down the Arca Swiss SmartRail located on the back of your monitor, providing a hassle-free, cable less power connection.
With support for both 14v and Helix Max battery systems, including V-Mount, G-Mount, and B-Mount, this bracket offers unparalleled compatibility. Whether you prefer the versatility of V-Mount batteries or the reliability of G-Mount or B-Mount batteries, the Dual Battery Bracket has you covered.
The bracket enables effortless hot-swapping between the two battery plates, allowing for uninterrupted power supply. Additionally, it allows for convenient hot-swapping between the battery plate and the monitor itself using the 3-pin XLR power port.
The inclusive of 2x p-taps, each providing up to 2A of power, allows you to also power the majority of cinematic accessories from the bracket.
Upgrade your SmallHD Production Monitor experience with Core’s Dual Battery Bracket—an indispensable accessory that combines convenience, versatility, and smart functionality to elevate your power solution to new heights. With support for Helix Max, V-Mount, G-Mount, and B-Mount battery systems, this bracket provides unmatched compatibility and flexibility for your power needs.


Output: DC 22-34v
Size: 4.2” x 12.4” x 0.8″
Weight: 1.3lbs.
Input Voltage: Helix Max B-mt packs

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