Recap of 2017

2017 has been quite the year for Core SWX. Some highlights include releasing many new products such as the HC9 Mini battery packs and Fleet Micro chargers, transforming the 98Wh battery line, attending tradeshows and meeting many new wonderful people.

The 2017 transformation of the battery line all started with the popular HC9 Mini battery packs and the whole idea to make more compact, powerful solutions for our clientele. Between the short, compact form factor of the HC9 Mini and consisting of a powerful 98Wh, 12A draw cells with features like the multipurpose runtime LCD screen, powertap and USB port, it’s hard to deny they’re one of the most advanced packs on the market today. Being a big hit in the small cine camera community, especially with the RED Digital Cinema DSMC2 users, here are a few in-action photos we found from users on Instagram.


Acting like a sibling to the HC9 Mini, basically a non-identical twin (although it came months later), is the Hypercore Slim 98. It contains the same “powerfulness” (98Wh, 12A draw) and features within the HC9 Mini, but it has a different form factor to adhere more to the ENG/Broadcast community. The Slim design and high draw power can also be great for other power needs such as power hungry LED panels or video monitors:

HCS98S_Atomos Sumo

The last addition to the new 98Wh line is the Nano battery packs. They are incased within the same slim, lightweight design of the legacy Hypercore Slim 7, making them perfect for all of the UAV and handheld Gimbal users out there. Since they have a lower continuous draw at 8A, other great applications for them can be director monitors or some lower draw LED panels.

To charge up all of these new battery packs (and others of course) are the award winning Fleet Micro chargers. Released at NAB Show 2017, the Fleet Micro is considered the most dynamic charger on the market today being equipped with multiple features like no other charger out there.  Besides being the fastest charger (four 98Wh in 2.5 hours), the charger has a multifunction LCD on the front, it offers a test mode function to determine battery health and recharge performance, and a SafeFly mode to charge or discharge the connected packs to 30% to comply with air travel regulations. In addition, it can act as 90w DC 4-pin XLR power supply to power most cameras and can double as a battery bank when in “Hypercine” power supply mode (unregulated 12v-16.8v DC).


A mini power supply also announced this past year was the Core Cube. If you’re looking for a perfect power supply for “run and gun” productions then the Cube is for you. It’s lightweight, fan-less, compact and offers two XLR outputs providing up to 200w combined.

To show off all of these new products, we had the pleasure of attending multiple tradeshows throughout the year to see familiar faces as well as meeting many new ones. After NAB Show in April, it was pretty much a spiral effect of shows. Shortly after NAB, we headed to the Texas Production Roundup, then Cine Gear Expo, SMPTE, IBC Show, AVXpo, NAB Show NY, and some dealer shows in-between.

We also had the pleasure of attending the SOC Awards in February and sponsoring the PERG breakfast at Cine Gear Expo. In addition to these, we recently became proud members of ESTA/PERG and the SOC, so we’re looking forward to continuing sponsoring these organizations into the 2018 year, as well as the ASC Awards this coming February.

Of course, we’d like to send a special thank you and appreciation to all of our partners, Ambassadors, and customers. We’re excited to continue all of our relationships for many years to come and look forward to creating new ones.

See you all on the road in 2018!

Author: swxadmin

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