Recap of NAB 2019

NAB 2019 kicked off our tradeshow season with a bang between chatting with all of our great industry friends and meeting new ones, winning a Production HUB award for HELIX, releasing a new NPF style battery, having awesome interviews, and drinks at our annual Core Happy Hour. If you happened to miss the show this year, don’t worry because we’re recapping it all for you right here.


The new award winning Helix series provides the most complete on-board battery solution ever offered in the market.  The uniquely designed Helix series allows the battery packs to function as a standard 14v V-mount or Gold mount pack in all applications, including charging on standard V-mount and Gold mount chargers.  Then when coupled with a Helix mount plate, users are able to access the higher voltage function, yet still have access to 14v for other production accessories such as a monitor. The packs encompass the features of Hypercore, with the added function of 14v/28v simultaneous voltage output and RFID to read battery vitals via the VoltBridge ID app.


To accompany the Helix batteries to access the high voltage feature are the Helix mount plates and power management control (PMC) plates. Currently there are models for different high end Cine cameras such as direct mounts for ARRI cameras, and V-mount and Gold mount adapters for Sony Venice and RED Ranger. In addition there are shark-fin plates in V-mount and Gold mount. Even further, the PMC plates take power management concerns away from the camera, and provide a “hot swappable” platform between on-board and block battery/AC mains. The plates use a standard 2-pin Fischer connector for the power input on the plates, simplifying the array of cables production companies and rental companies need to inventory, while addressing many different camera makes. Also equipped on the PMC plates is an on-board LCD to monitor input percentage/voltage of the power sources, as well as current draw of the entire camera setup.


Additionally at NAB, we introduced the NPF Flat Pack and Cube-24. The NPF-SHD is a near 60wh battery designed to provide a lower profile powering solution for the SmallHD Focus monitors, allowing full rotation of the monitor on a tilt arm while not blocking the air vents on the back of the monitor. The pack features a 4-stage LED gauge along with a 7-17v DC input to allow users to powertap into the battery pack on larger camera rig configurations and to also charge from. Although the pack can be charged via the DC input, it can also be charged on standard L-series chargers.

The Cube-24 follows the footsteps of the original Core Cube. This new Cube-24 is a 200w AC to DC 24v power supply. It’s lightweight, all aluminum, fan-less, and capable of powering the most power hungry cameras through the two 3-pin XLR outputs.

To help cover the new products, we were fortunate to have our friends from Newsshooter, Cinema 5D, Production HUB, Digital Cinema Society, Abel Cine, Broadcast Beat, Indie Shooter, and DIY Photography stop by for interviews. Click on each of their names to be able to watch and learn more info about the products, including some other tidbits about power such as travel regulations.

Not only did we have our gear in our two booths, we had them spread throughout the show floor. Companies such as RED, Blackmagic Design, Band Pro, Zacuto, Zeiss, Atomos, Tilta, and HIVE had Core SWX power solutions displayed which we’d also like to thank them. In addition, we’d like to thank RED, Blackmagic Design, SmallHD, Freefly Systems, HIVE, and Zacuto for your loaners during the show as well.


Lastly, the Core SWX team would like to thank everyone who stopped by to check out the gear and chatted with us. If you missed us at this show, don’t worry, we’ll be at many others throughout the year so stay connected on social to see where we’ll be next!


Author: swxadmin

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