SOC Awards 2017

On February 11th, the Society of Camera Operators held their Award Ceremony and Core SWX were proud sponsors.  Held annually, this years ceremony was at the Hollywood Ballroom, and Core SWX team members were in attendance.

The SOC event, in addition to honoring outstanding achievements in camera operation, proceeds benefit the Children’s Vision Hospital.   After the members chatted, they headed to the pre-reception bar area and red carpet where the line was very long, but don’t worry, they got their moment.

SOC_3      SOC_1

As the night went on, people get thirsty, so there was no better way to quench their thirst at the “Core SWX” bar!  As our team members were talking to others around, the show of gratitude from the SOC members was overwhelming.


Now onto the awards part of the night!  It was incredible to see so much talent in one room where everyone encourages one another and how much the talent in front of the camera appreciates the talent behind the camera. All of the speeches given by the winners were very emotional, and you could tell how passionate everyone was about their line of work.  “Camera operators understand that they are the first to witness the shot before anyone else, and with that comes great responsibility. It’s the camera operators job to capture the directors vision but at the same time, take every shot with their artistic movement,” Zack Shannon, Core SWX, Sales Rep said.

The most memorable speech of the night was given by the Governor’s Award Honoree, Michael Keaton. Keaton expressed his gratitude for the camera operators and understands he wouldn’t be the actor he is today without the camera operators talent. He mentioned the relationship between an actor or actress and a camera operator is an important aspect of capturing and conveying a compelling message.

Overall, the SOC Awards was a great night and we look forward to sponsoring for many years to come.

Author: swxadmin

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