104 Productions

The UK based Production Company, 104 Productions, relies on Core SWX power solutions for their business, producing video content for various organizations from local fire departments, to clothing brands. We recently caught up with the founder of the company, Gareth Evans in London at the BSC Show.

 1.Tell us about how yourself and 104 Productions.

My name is Gareth Evans and I’m a Director/DP based in the UK where I run 104 Productions. Despite studying film and wanting to Direct I started my career in live tv but quickly moved into fictional drama as that was where my passion was. I worked my way up through the camera department from trainee to camera operator working on a number of dramas. Looking back, I think that starting as a trainee and moving up through the ranks was so beneficial as my knowledge of cameras and how the team works shapes the way I tackle a project as a Director. At 104 Productions’ my ethos is to deliver cinematic visuals whether it be a corporate promo or a commercial, visual story telling is at the heart of what I do. I have always thought it’s important to have an understanding of how everyone does their jobs and what they need to be able to do their jobs properly as when I have a clearer understanding of this I know what I’m able to achieve.

2. What was one of your favorite projects you worked on?

This is always a tough question to answer; it’s like answering what’s my favourite film! There have been so many productions I’ve worked on and so many projects where I’ve been very proud of what we’ve achieved. I suppose as an operator I’ve been lucky enough to work on a long running BBC medical drama (Casualty) where we shoot some big stunts and then some serious emotional scenes, I’ve learnt so much from this production and take a lot away with me onto other productions. My aim in the near future is to be able to Direct an episode of this show, it’s like a second home to me, it’s where I also met my wife so it will always be a special place for me. As a Director I recently shot a promo for South Wales fire fighters. It was so much fun being in the thick of the action and seeing what these men and women do on a daily basis. It was a completely different way of working, being able to adapt to different situations and to try and capture moments of what these fire fighters face. I needed to be able to have a rig that could get me into tight spots and get up close to the action to get “the shot” so prep was key. This was a shoot where I really got to meet true heroes and try and show how brave they really are.

3. Can you think of a certain production that was more challenging than others, and how you overcame it?

Every project brings new challenges and I’ve faced many over the years (especially as a focus puller). I’ve had jobs where I only get minutes with athletes, so I’ve had to light various setups and get the shots needed to make the commercial stand out and the clients happy. The key thing to making this work is prep. Do your homework, list your shots and work with the client to be able to achieve the vision you want. Prep your kit, get reliable equipment and make sure it works for you. Do all this and your shoot day will be a lot less stressful.

4. What Core SWX equipment do you use and how is it beneficial to your productions?

I use the Hypercore Mini 9 and most recently the NEO 9 Mini on my RED camera rig. Its form factor is perfect for my setup but having the ability of being able to show time remaining and app functions that show the batteries info status is amazing. Geeking out over a battery is weird to some people but having once been a trainee where batteries are life it’s clear to see how important it all is. A lot of people in modern film making think the sensor is the heart of any camera but it does nothing without the perfect battery powering it and keeping it beating. Having peace of mind when it comes to equipment is always a top priority. You want something that works for you, does the job, is tough and reliable and Core SWX batteries do just that.

5. What exciting new projects can we look forward to seeing next?

104 Productions is growing more and more which is fantastic and I’m getting to shoot with some amazing clients. I’ve just Directed a short film with another one to follow shortly. With my main aim to grow as Director in fictional drama, this year is going to be a busy one and I can’t wait.


Stay connected with Gareth and 104 Productions by following their Instagramand website.

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