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Full production house, Abandon Visuals, was founded by two people with lengthy backgrounds in the automotive and action sports industries. From their experience, the team now works with a variety of clients from Monster Energy, to BMW, creating incredible content from pre to post production.  When we were scrolling through Instagram one day looking at all the different BTS photos, we discovered Abandon Visuals uses Hypercore SLIM batteries to power their new RED Scarlet-W. Read below about their career and how the gear assists them with productions.

1. Tell us a little bit about Abandon Visuals and your primary focus for projects.

Abandon Visuals is a full production house that specializes in creating innovative film, TV, and commercial content. We are dedicated to turning unique visions into vivid visuals, from pre-production to delivery. Our primary focus for projects is to create unforgettable content that will last for years to come. We don’t make disposable content. The average attention span for videos on the web is around 2 minutes and most of the viral content we produce is around 3 minutes so we have to engage our viewers to the fullest. Everything has to be over the top to achieve that which we are able to execute with our awesome team of talented creatives.

2. What is Abandon Visuals creative process when tackling a project?

When a client comes to us with a project the first thing we do is research other films pertaining to the same subject not only to make sure we don’t copy someone else’s idea but that we come up with the most epic idea possible. We all get together in the conference room and start brainstorming on our millions of white boards until we land on something we can all agree on. From there we build the treatment for the client pulling tons of stills online for the style we want to achieve. We build up every aspect of the production here from how the film will look to what gear/crew we will use to accomplish it. This is the most vital part of any project as this is where we set client expectations.

3. Out of all the great projects you’ve done, which one stick out as one of your favorites or most memorable and why?

The greatest project we’ve ever done has to be Monster Energy #BattleDrift which just hit 7.2 million views on YouTube. It is one the largest productions we’ve worked on and was an extremely cool experience to say the least. The video was shot in an abandoned village in Japan where we created a course for a heavily modified Lamborghini and Mustang to drift alongside each other. We went all out for every aspect of the production.

4. What Core SWX gear do you use, and in your experience, how does it benefit your productions?

We use the HyperCore Slim Batteries for our Red Scarlet-W. As we are traveling around the world 100+ days out of the year we need light air transport safe batteries to bring with us. We’ve never had an issue with these batteries a single time while going through airport security. One of the biggest selling points for us is that the battery communicates with Red so we can see what percentage of battery is left. We do a good amount of drone and gimbal work as well so having such slim batteries is perfect as they clear the pan motors and they are much lighter than other batteries on the market.

5. Aside from all of Abandon Visuals achievements so far, are there more goals you’re working towards for the future?

We have massive goals for the future of our production house. In order to reach those goals we are becoming more selective with the projects we take on so we stay true to our brand identity. We are moving more towards commercial projects and only taking on the large viral action sports/automotive projects. As I mentioned in my response to the first question we don’t make disposable content. Our goal is to create films people will watch 2-3 times before they share it with all their friends and family whom will share it with theirs as well. Everything we do and every project we take on is a strategic step into becoming what we we sought out to become when we first created the company. The name Abandon Visuals is meant to signify staying at the forefront of a new age of digital content. Right now it’s vital to innovate and adapt as technology is moving so quickly and everyone is beginning to have access to such awesome gear. What it comes down to is utilizing all that new technology to tell the stories that connect with the audiences we are targeting.

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