Production company, Chrilleks, travels all over the world between different cities in Canada, United States, and overseas to shoot for a variety of clients from Shot Over, to Red Bull, to Ten Tree, and more. To assist with their productions, they use the Hypercore 98 RED and Hypercore PRIME battery packs. Take a look below to see how they got started and where their career took them from there.

1.    Tell us a little bit about Chrilleks and how you guys got started?

Chrilleks comes from a mash-up of Chris and Aleks. Aleks and I worked as freelancers for quite some time, jumping in between camera assisting, rental housework and set work, but it just wasn’t fulfilling enough. You need to challenge yourself every day, and freelance only offered a fraction of that. Both of us established our own networks at that point, so we tapped into each and every one of those connections and dove in head first. Having the satisfaction that we could produce everything under our watch was that challenge we were looking for. Chrilleks gives back twice as much as you put in.

2.    What is your primary focus for productions?

The primary focus is to bring our creative ideas to life, while making the client happy. It seems cliché to say, it seems easy enough, but it’s a very tedious process. There are a lot of moving parts that have to align, in a quick turnaround time. The payoff is extraordinary and absolutely worth it.

3.    How does Core SWX gear benefit your productions?

Core SWX’ batteries have benefited us in so many ways. We’re always in constant movement, whether it’s in the air or just a quick drive in and outta the city. We pack our batteries first. The smallest details can leave the biggest impact when on location. The HyperCore’s are fitted with USB ports, which in my opinion are THE BEST PART. It’s saved us in so many different scenarios from camping on location, to powering other camera’s, to finding your phone at 5% before an 8hrs flight. The flight safe capability allows you to charge your phone while flying to and from locations. Going through the TSA is a breeze. It definitely puts the stress levels at ease. The back lit LCD’s display information in a pinch, there’s no guessing to how much power you have left. These little features may seem minor, but definitely make the process much more fluid on the back end.

4.    Can you think about a certain production that was more challenging than others, and how you overcame it?

Every production definitely has its challenges. We have this reputation of being presented with projects that really push the envelope. For instance we turned around one project within a 24hrs time frame. Developed, produced and delivered all within 24hrs. Another recent one we shot was 12 locations in 8hrs and turned around in a 3 day period. There was also getting off a 35hr flight path and jumping into shooting immediately. The bar constantly gets raised, and the only way to overcome these challenges is by having a great support team backing you.

5.    What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on and why?

The next one, because you never know what or where or how you’re going to be shooting it.

6. What projects are coming up next for Chrilleks?

More creative projects are on the come up, beyond stoked to share them with everyone. – coming very shortly! I’ve been invited to be a judge for the 38th Telly Awards, as well as an ambassador for Polar Pro Filters. While wrapping up two RedBull productions in between cutting our productions we shot back in May for Canadian Tire, a video series.

Check out all of Chrilleks’ work on their website, and also constantly stay connected with them by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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