Deeran Films

As everyone knows, we’re always on social media seeing what our customers are up to and looking at all of the awesome BTS shots with our battery packs. That’s how we came across the Atlanta based production company, Deeran Films. After checking out their incredible work, we reached out and caught up with the founder Eric Deeran to discuss their creative process, challenging projects, and of course how their Core SWX equipment is beneficial to their productions.

1. Tell us about yourself and Deeran Films.

My name is Eric Deeran and I’m the founder of Deeran Films. I’m a cinematographer and editor who loves crafting video that’s cinematic, unique, and captivating. I started Deeran Films to pursue this passion and dream of mine and I work relentlessly every day to better myself at my craft. I work and live in Atlanta, GA and work on commercials, music videos, sports content, and much more!

2. What is your creative process when tackling a project?

My creative process when tackling a project starts with pre-production. This is often an overlooked but crucial step in the production process. As the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail” and it couldn’t be any closer to the truth. I start by creating an outline and mood board that lists the goal for the project, the specific look, location, and date/times of the shoot(s). Then I work off of that to tackle logistics and scheduling.

3. Can you think of a certain production that was more challenging than others, and how you overcame it?

I did have a project where everything was very last minute and rushed (more so than most productions) which required me to think on my feet and problem solve on the fly.  I ended up pushing myself further creatively than I thought I was capable of and I was extremely happy with the end result.

4. What Core SWX gear do you use and how it is beneficial to your productions?

Depending on whether I’m shooting on the RED or my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K, I use a Core SWX Hypercore 98 or the Core SWX Powerbase Edge because I really can’t afford to trust anything else. They are the most reliable and long-lasting batteries that keep me running the whole shoot and allow me to focus on the creative aspects of filmmaking and not have to worry about switching batteries out all the time.

5. What exciting new projects can we look forward to seeing next from Deeran Films?

I have a lot more sports content and commercial work coming out very soon! I actually just released a passion project I’m very excited about over on my Instagram @deeranfilmsif you want to go check it out!


Along with the Deeran Films Instagram page, also take a look at their website.

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