Dynamic Visuals

Australian based full production house, Dynamic Visuals, specializes in producing film, TV, and commercial content with their RED Epic-W powered by Hypercore 98 battery packs. Like many of our other clients, we came across Dynamic Visuals through Instagram. Take a look below to find out who Dynamic Visuals are all about and be sure to tag us on social media next time you post a BTS using our gear. We love discovering new clients and seeing where our battery packs are being used around the world.

1. Tell us a little bit about Dynamic Visuals and how you got started.

Initially we started under a different name in 2010. We were just a group of friends making video game inspired short films to post on our YouTube channel.

Here’s one of our old films from when we were 13-14.

During this time, we had no real intention of creating videos under a business, because we were only 13-14 years old at the time and we were just making movies for fun. In 2011 one of our “real-life” short films went viral and as a result a huge influx of people started paying attention to our channel. Because of this success we were able to truly experience what it was like to have someone watch and enjoy something that we had created. We took the next few years to develop our knowledge and experience in filmmaking and ultimately decided to defer university after graduating, to start Dynamic Visuals.

2. What is your primary focus for productions?

We approach our productions with the mindset of delivering the best results for our client. This begins with a focus on establishing exactly what our clients are looking to get out of their videos, whether they are music videos, short films, a cinematic take on corporate presentations, interviews or testimonials. Achieving the best results always involves a strong sense of collaboration to ensure that everyone on the production team and the business team we are working with are all on the same page, with a common vision and goal.

3. Does your team have a production marked as their favorite? Which one and why is it?

Our favorite project so far would have to be a music video we shot recently for an up and coming Melbourne artist known as Freeds. For us, we get the most out of passion projects; this shoot was done pro bono and allowed us to get creatively involved in the whole process. We enjoy the creative process that goes into creating music videos. For example, we emulated a crane shot with a drone in an indoor space to get the look we wanted without renting a crane and stretching what was our very little budget.

4. What is your creative process when tackling a project?

The way we approach projects is always with a focus on collaboration. We will always begin by meeting with our client face to face and developing a brief which reflects their vision for the finished project. Then, we sit down with our team and see if we can achieve the client’s goal with our immediate team or if we feel the need to bring in some external contacts to assist with additional cinematography or whether we need to bring in additional crew. By doing this we ensure that we can capture exactly what our clients are looking forward.

5. What Core SWX gear do you use and how is it beneficial to your productions?

We use Core SWX Hypercore 98 V-Mount Batteries. They charge fast, they’re lightweight, the LCD screens also make them easy to use and work with, especially when we need to check how much battery is left. Our productions are often to a range of weather and land conditions so their durability and reliability when working in rainy conditions or in the dirt make them perfect for us.

6. What exciting projects do we get to look forward to seeing next from Dynamic Visuals?

At the moment, we are really focused on building strong business connections and growing our portfolio so we have been working on a wide range of video styles, with a diverse depth of content. We have a lot of projects coming up in the next couple months which we are excited about. We are looking forward to working with Keaz to display and promote their new vehicle and asset booking application. We also produce a weekly show for Linkfluencer, who were recently recognized by Forbes Magazine as the world’s leading LinkedIn training company. We are also coming close to the upcoming release of Freed’s music video for his song “I’m Not Sure”. Also in development, we are producing a series of short videos for Wesley College in collaboration with the Melbourne Writers Festival. Finally, we couldn’t be more excited producing innovative promotional work for Tsar Carpets and Rugs, a Melbourne based company with locations in Australia, New York City and Singapore.


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