Robert Machado

As always, we stay up to date on all of our social channels to see what Core SWX users are working on, posting, asking us, etc., which of course leads to discovering new clients such as Robert Machado. The Las Vegas based cinematographer relies on a wide array of Core SWX batteries from HC9 Minito Hypercore Primeto power through his productions with his company Machado Visuals, and BTS content for his own YouTube channel. Take a look below for an inside look at how he got stated and what he’s up to now.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your career.

I started in visual storytelling back in 2009 through photography and rode the wave of the DSLR revolution. My first camera ever was a Canon T1i and was one of the higher quality DSLRs that offered video at the time. It did 1080p at a whopping 20 FPS (not even 24 or 30), and was locked in Program Mode when using video. It was extremely limiting, but it was incredible having access to a large sensor camera at such a young age. After learning the ropes with photography, I quickly latched onto video and didn’t look back.

2. Were there certain cinematographers who inspired you to become one yourself?

My biggest influence in cinematography was my mentor throughout film school, David Waldman. He single-handedly changed the way I approach storytelling itself and I attribute most of my knowledge to him. I’d consider him a man of simple taste, and I really admired that about him. It’s almost as if he gave me a filter that sees through all the latest fads and flashy trends so that I can concentrate on what’s most important: telling good stories.

3. What is your primary focus for productions?

I primarily focus on documentary style work- it’s my favorite genre. Most of that probably stems from my photojournalistic background and passion for presenting realism. It’s amazing when you get to take the ordinary to extraordinary through creative visual storytelling. Doc work is so invaluable since it makes you think on the fly and make quick decisions when the pressure is on. You don’t really get 2nd chances, so being able to nail it on the first try really goes a long way when you step into more controlled environments.

4. What Core SWX gear do you use and how is it beneficial to your productions?

I have a number of Core SWX V-mount and Gold Mount batteries. I enjoy V-mount for its compatibility with 3rd party lights and accessories and Gold Mount for its secure locking mechanism. I primarily use 150Wh Gold Mount batteries in conjunction with the Core SWX hot-swap adapter (shark fin) for extended periods of camera uptime. My primary camera is the Sony FS7 which only draws 19W of power and single 150Wh battery gets me 7-8 hours of continuous runtime. It’s incredible that I can finish entire shoot days using two 150Wh batteries. The front-facing LCD is one of my favorite features since I can quickly gauge which of my batteries are charged at-a-glance without having to push any buttons. Core SWX products help me maximize my time spent on set rather than worrying about constant battery changes. I also love the various sizes that are available, from the Mini to Hypercore Prime. Different jobs call for different camera configurations and the various sizes make it easy to use what fits the project best.

5. What projects are you currently working on that we should look forward to seeing next?

I’m currently working on a few short pieces for The Academy Drum & Bugle Corps as they travel across the country on their DCI summer tour. I’m also focusing on pushing out more content for my YouTube channel, where I focus on production-level BTS and breakdowns from my own work.


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