The Brotographer

Ross Thomas, also known as “The Brotographer” considers himself a serial entrepreneur as he owns a gym and co-owns a Production Company with David Gomar called Lux Production House. Once we noticed via BTS photos on Instagram that he uses NANO-U98 to power up his new Sony FX6, we reached out and he took some time out of his busy schedule to chat. Take a look below to see how he got started in this industry, what his primary focus for productions is and more.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got your start in the professional video industry.

I’m a gym owner and co-owner of a production company, Lux Production House, based in the northern Central Valley of California, Modesto to be exact. I would also call myself a serial entrepreneur, as my business ventures have only grown over time. I also am known on the internet as “The Brotographer”.

My journey into professional video started with a need for photography. Being a serial entrepreneur, I needed product photos for one of my old brands, and that was the genesis of loving photography and video. Over the years, I have noticed a need for photographers to learn video and became obsessed with it. In the last three or four years I have come to love shooting brand videos, small narrative pieces, fitness content, and in the most recent year a lot more agriculture and commercial content.

2. What is your primary focus for productions?

At Lux Production House, we call ourselves a “farm to table” production company, specializing in agriculture focused video and photography.

3. What is one of your favorite projects you’ve work on and what made it so?

We recently had the opportunity to shoot several brand videos for a local brewery. Problem-solving on set and taking an idea to completion is something that I love, and we were able to do that on this multi-video project.

4. What Core SWX products do you rely on and how are they beneficial to your productions?

With your BPU 98wh batteries [NANO-U98], we can power our Sony FX6 cameras for several hours even with accessories like an external monitor attached. These batteries are extremely beneficial because they are very small, and they provide the same capacity we are used to, and are relatively inexpensive as well. One additional perk is that with a D-TAP out, they can power our monitor as well, which allows us to keep a lower profile when shooting.

5. What are you currently working on that we should keep an eye out for?

We are currently working on several narrative projects, and I am very much looking forward to using some vintage glass on these upcoming projects. Look out for them in the next several months!


Stay connected with Ross via his social channels (Instagram and YouTube) and website.

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