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Vertical Online is a filmmaking collective who’s dedicated to brand and storytelling. The production company team consists of members who have worked in advertising, content strategy, film production, post-production, motion graphics, interactive, design and branding, so they are capable of handling all aspects of projects they’re given. Their mission is to help brands, big or small, create films and content that will connect their audience. As always, we’re interested in learning more about our cliental and sharing with everyone else, so see more below to get a better look at what Vertical Online is all about.

1. What is creative process when tackling a project?

We’re in the midst of a major cultural shift in the way we produce, consume and share media these days. We think there’s a fundamental change in advertising – where goodwill, transparency and honest storytelling can build relationships between customers and brands. We love the idea of brands putting emotion, values and story first.

We also believe that social is one of the best things that has happened in advertising, as consumers can now call BS on traditional ‘push’ advertising tactics. As filmmakers, this only helps us with our goal of telling pure, value-based stories.

Our filmmaking process is based on an observational and documentary-style approach, allowing the action and people in the situation to reveal the story in their own timing. Because every brand is unique, we take a thoughtful approach with every project. For a brand story project to succeed — and ultimately connect with our viewers — the films we create need to be simple and honest in their approach. By doing so we communicate an authentic voice for the brand.

2. Which production stands out as most memorable, and why? 

We just finished a new film that we created for Dalbello — it was a great project and a really lovely group of people to work with. Dalbello is an Italian ski boot company founded in 1974 by Seniore Dal Bello. The goal for this film is to showcase the manufacturing process, craftsmanship and the artisanal approach at the Dalbello factory in Asolo, Italy.

Dalbello | Real Italian Boots

We also love the series of films that we did for Tellason. These profile films are all about the customer, their values and their passion. We love marketing with this kind of restraint.

Tellason Stories | Meet Todd

3. What Core SWX gear do you use and how does it benefit your productions?

We have a RED Weapon and a RED Raven camera here at Vertical Online. We’re also in the queue to receive the latest RED Helium 8k camera from RED.

We do a lot of international travel and we’re always working to streamline our kit. We chose the Hypercore SLIM series batteries because we travel so much — it’s critical that our power solution is safe and legal for air travel. We also really appreciate the minimal weight and durability.

We’ve been using the V-Mount Hypercore SLIM 7 RED batteries — and we just added the new Hypercore Slim HC8s and the new Dual Fleet Charger to our kit. We love how they communicate with the RED cameras, delivering the remaining capacity to the on-camera LCD. Plus, the size is perfect for keeping the kit small, shooting handheld, with the MōVI, etc.

Batteries are a critical piece of gear on every shoot. We rely on them to power the camera, accessories and our LED lights, often in challenging and remote locations.

4. What exciting projects are we going to see next from Vertical Online?

We’re currently in production on several new brand storytelling pieces. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter feeds for updates — we’ll have some new work to share soon. Telling stories for innovative brands is something that motivates us and informs our work. We also look forward to the opportunity to work on more conceptual and narrative film pieces in the future.

We believe that the power of the human experience, people, their craft and their character are the key to an interesting story — and telling those stories is something that we thrive on here at Vertical Online.


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