Helix Teradek Caddy Series




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Helix Teradek Caddy Series


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Core SWX’s Helix caddy for Teradek Bolt LT transmitters allows you to mount the Teradek transmitter in-line with Helix V-Mount, G-mount or B-mount on-board battery power.

As the Teradek LT TX can only accept up to 28v, high voltage camera build scenarios become a challenge as high votlage packs exceed 28v. With the Helix caddy, the TX is provided a 2pin DC 12v 2pin Lemo connection to safely power the Teradek TX while seamlessly powering the camera with high voltage.

A ¼-20 on the bottom of the unit secures the TX in place. Side openings provide full access to I/O ports as well as full view of the TX’s LCD and buttons/switches.


Input: DC 11-34v
Output for Camera: DC 11-34v(dependent on on-board battery connected to mount plate)
Output to transmitter: 12v
Dimension: 4.7″ x 2.3″ x 3.6″
Weight: .8 lbs.
Compatible with Core’s B-mount battery packs. While it may potentially work with other battery packs, Core does not provide any warranty regarding its compatibility with them.

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