Helix Teradek Retrofit Series




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Helix Teradek Retrofit Series


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Core SWX’s Helix retrofit plates for Teradek MAX transmitters allows you to mount the Teradek transmitter in-line with Helix V-Mount, G-mount or B-mount on-board battery power while maintaining high voltage throughput to the camera.

Current Teradek MAX TX’s only support 14v battery systems. The Helix retrofit plates provide a solder-less, interconnect solution to exchange the current V or G plates, for Helix V, Helix G or B-mount battery mount plates. As the MAX TX’s can only accept up to 28v, there is a limitation for in-line usage of the transmitters in high voltage camera builds. The Helix retrofit plates provide a safe and secure power pass through to the high voltage accepting camera while providing a DC 12v 2pin connection to safely power the Teradek MAX transmitter.

To complete the conversion you must unscrew the two plates on the MAX transmitter and disconnect the power pass through(yellow 2pin connector) and transmitter power connector(red 2pin connector). Then connect the Helix power pass through connector through the transmitter, and reconnect the transmitter power connector from the Helix battery mount to the transmitter. The entire process takes less than 10minutes!


Input: DC 11-34v
Output for Camera: DC 11-34v(dependent on on-board battery connected to mount plate)
Output to transmitter: 12v
Dimension: 3.25″ x 5.5″ x 0.5″
Weight: .4 lbs.
Compatible with Core’s B-mount battery packs. While it may potentially work with other battery packs, Core does not provide any warranty regarding its compatibility with them.

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