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Fleet Quantum Series


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The Fleet Quantum series are the next generation of smart chargers. The chargers offer a highly efficient “2×2” simultaneous charge with the left and right side operating independently from each other. When four packs are placed on the charger, the charger detects one pack from each side that has the most charge capacity, and first charges those to full capacity. Since the sides operate independently, if you are only charging two packs, place one on each side for them both to charge at the same time. With a 4A/hr charge protocol, the charger can charge four 98wh packs in 3 hours; utilizing half the power of previous generation chargers.

With a large color touchscreen LCD with graphical user interface, the charger provides the utmost transparency on stored smart battery data including state of charge, cycle count, capacity data, etc. The charger also provides a battery health analysis to alert the user of any abnormalities which may require a cell balance.


Quick Charge Current: 4A, 2×2
Power Range per Channel: up to 60watts/hr. for two packs
Size: 9.1″ x 3.35″ x 12.17″
Weight: 5lbs.
Input Voltage: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz

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