Experience compact, powerful, and sustainable energy with our portable 3.6kW e-gen for all your production needs

NANO® X Micro Series

Where power, reliability, and innovation converge.

Unbreakable EmLEdTM display, USB-C PD, Wrap-around LED, and VoltBridge ID.

Powerbase™ Edge SNAP™

A revolutionary pack redefining the standards in cinematic production with a stackable magnetic mount and PD Pro™ connections.  

Hypercore G3 Series

The 3rd Generation ‘G3’ of HyperCore Packs, available in 99wh and 158wh, boasts a 20A load handling current to tackle the most demanding cinema and broadcast applications.

One Aux For All™

The new aux connection is a significant advancement in on-set auxiliary power distribution to transform the way filmmakers approach power management during productions.

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